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Daily Bible | Galatians 2

Ok, if I’m honest, I read Galatians 2 and thought, “Ah yes, ok. The justification by faith and not by works thing. We talk about it all the time. Got it.” Uh… Right. Anyone else ever found themselves in that position? As in, almost bored or numb to this idea of justification by faith alone?…


Songs from Sunday | Jan 25

Every week we post song information from Sunday worship. Please let us know if you can’t find what you’re looking for  and we’d be happy to help! Email Jessica at Cherry Blossoms – Andy Squyres Stand in Awe – Jeremy Riddle Skeleton Bones – John Mark McMillan Breathing the Breath – Matt Redman Jesus You…

Daily Bible Reading

Today's Reading: Galatians 3

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