St. Andrew's Ministry Center

“The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.” (Psalm 126.3)

Dear St. Andrew’s Family,

To say that the past six years have been eventful in the life of our parish (and world) is an understatement.

Many of you (but not all) will remember that Sunday in April of 2018 when we awoke to the news that our Ministry Center was ablaze. As hard as that was to believe, it was true. And as you know, it was devastating. It was a moment that tested our faith and resilience. But by the grace of God, He regathered us and we began the long process of rebuilding and renewal.

Looking back through my notes of those first days I wrote what I believed I heard from the Lord, “I do not give crumbs to my children.” Following that entry I added, “I am grateful the path ahead is not God’s second best. He is at work in and through our lives. It is already amazing.”

And I suppose that our belief in that simple statement, “He is at work in and through our lives,” can well sum up all that followed over the next several years – including, and especially, the way Covid affected so many of our lives in profoundly personal ways.

Today is a day of celebration for our parish family. At last night’s vestry meeting, your vestry voted unanimously to retire the remaining debt ($798,000) associated with our capital campaign. This was an extraordinary, Spirit-filled, moment.

On behalf of your vestry, the leadership of the St. Andrew’s Land Trust, and the staff, I want to express our deepest gratitude. Your unwavering commitment to the Word of God, to the person and mission of Christ, and to your fellow parishioners at St. Andrew’s through your sacrificial giving is wondrous and humbling. Your Spirit-inspired faith, collective effort, and our unity in Christ have brought us to this moment. As the psalmist wrote, “This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.”

May we commit ourselves to our Lord and to one another once more as we continue to make Christ’s surpassing glory our supreme concern. I look forward to a uniquely joyous Easter with you this week as we celebrate the resurrection of the One who truly brings beauty from ashes.

In the family,
Steve & Jacqui


St. Andrew’s Vestry

  • Sam Hayes, Sr. Warden
  • Lisa Hamilton, Jr. Warden
  • Chip Johnston, Secretary
  • Rob Hare, Treasurer
  • Chris Crosby
  • Chip McEniry
  • Sue Hinkle
  • Katie Siron
  • Aimee Barrett
  • Marilyn Hendrix
  • Mike Hughes
  • Sam Sprayberry

St. Andrew’s Land Trust

  • Edmund Frampton, Chair
  • Bill Maddux, Capital Campaign Chair & Treasurer
  • Caroline Lesesne
  • Mike Hughes
  • Sam Hayes
  • Tim Winkler