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What is Love Charleston?

It’s the idea of the local church being the local church. It’s having our hearts anchored in Christ while our hands are buried deep in the dirt of earth – bringing the joy and healing and life of His Kingdom into this world. Its goal is to commission every person, every LifeGroup and every cluster with the Gospel mandate to transform our culture.

“Love Charleston” reflects our belief that the Lordship of Jesus Christ extends to every aspect of life. Jesus is Lord not only of the church; He is Supreme over human society at large. For this reason, we do not withdraw from the world. Instead, we seek to equip every Christ-follower to participate in the world for the transformation of our society to the honor and glory of Jesus Christ. We are the bearers of God’s image. We are to fill every bit of the earth with the knowledge of God our creator and redeemer.

The information below is the product of our local missions team – following the leading of the Spirit – who have discerned ways in which we may collectively engage and love Charleston.

Local Missions Endeavors

St. Andrew’s has identified four outreach ministry partners as a first step in encouraging members to serve in the community.

East Cooper Faith Network (
Fix it Partnership

East Cooper Faith Network serves the community by connecting faith and community partners with community needs. The Fix It Partnership provides homeowners in need with essential home repairs as well as wheelchair ramps via the coordination of skilled volunteers and the collaboration of community agencies.

ECFN has provided a list of unsafe and inadequate low-income homes that have been fully vetted. Each home has a repair plan and the costs for the work has been developed. They will help our volunteer team leaders in selecting projects within our capabilities.

For more information about how you or your Life Group might get involved, please contact Chris Brooks (843.377.9013).

East Cooper Community Outreach (

When local neighbors are facing financial hardship, East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO) provides help and hope. Whether it’s one single service provided like food or financial assistance or years of walking through hardship, the ECCO team will encourage, advocate, and develop a system of support focused on helping our neighbors navigate through life’s challenges. ECCO’s ministry of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” aims to improve the quality of life in our community in a compassionate way that respects the dignity and worth of every person.

For more information about how you or your Life Group might get involved, please contact Lou Smith (843.557.4461).

Lowcountry Crisis Pregnancy Center (

The Lowcountry Crisis Pregnancy Center (LPC) provides professional and honest services to those facing pregnancy decisions. LPC not only serves an important role counseling women who may be considering an abortion, but also provides sexual health services, baby clothing and equipment, and training for parenting.

For more information about how you or your Life Group might get involved, please contact Karen Young (703.919.9019).

The Navigation Center (

Homelessness and near homelessness rates are increasing in the Tri-county area as rising rents and the cost-of-living force families and individuals to move. The number of available, affordable homes and apartments is inadequate. The Navigation Center serves all, but especially homeless mothers with children. They not only help to provide and furnish a home or apartment but also assist in job placement and connecting families and others with available and needed social services and assistance.

For more information about how you or your Life Group might get involved, please contact Chris Brooks (843.377.9013).

Photos by David Martin, Nina Strehl, Morgan Bastian on Unsplash.